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3 | Progress on My Wonky Tree Quilt Continues

When I last shared what I was doing with my wonky tree quilt, I had decided that it needed stars! So here are the blocks on my navy covered designed wall with a few more stars:

I decided I need a couple more to mix the stars with the trees:

Yes, that’s it! So now, to figure out how to piece this! 

Adding strips of navy fabric around one or more sides of each block allows me to piece 2 rows of stars and trees while keeping the irregular layout:

I hope I can keep this up!

2 | Progress on my Wonky Tree Quilt

My Wonky Tree Quilt is progressing quite nicely! I’ve been having fun sharing my progress in real time on Facebook and Instagram with quick cell phone shots. These are sometimes a bit blurry, and the color looks wonky as the lighting changes drastically throughout the day in there, but the pictures are still useful! After making… Continue Reading

Some Fun and Useful Improv

Although I’ve got a big list of things to get done, I wasn’t ready to get started with anything on the list. Instead, I pulled out my scrap bin of my jewel tones hand dyed fabrics and just started sewing them together: Before long, I had a piece big enough to become a dresser scarf… Continue Reading