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What a Fabulous Wedding!

Hubby and I had an absolutely fabulous time out in Pennsylvania for my cousin Matt’s wedding!

We flew to Baltimore Thursday and met up with my brothers and their wives there the next day for lunch before we all headed to Leesburg and the hotel.


If you can’t tell, we were all having a good time!

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, here I am with my Mom on the left and my Auntie Candy on the right, yep I was named after her! She’s Candace Marie and I am Candace Leigh.


The wedding was held at a winery, the ceremony outside and the reception was in the adjacent barn. A beautiful location for a meaningful ceremony and plenty of room for visits and celebrating!


Here’s Jess and Jim and Lucy! Jess is Matt’s older sister.


My middle brother Chris and Sister-in-law Lisa:


They’re joined here by my other Sister-in-law Shelly:


Hubby and I:


The happy couple!



Here’s Mom with my Uncle Tom, Matt’s Dad:


The wedding had so many lovely details, like instead of a big cake, they had this lovely tiers of Mexican Wedding cakes, tiny peach cobblers and jam jars of gelato.


They did have a cake as well, so the cake was cut!



Here’s my cousin Zanny, Auntie Candy’s younger daughter, along with my cousin Sarah’s daughter Audrey…does that maker her my second cousin?



The moon was just a day past the Blue Moon, and Matt and Drea’s photographer was able to capture this lovely shot:


It truly was a lovely day, Drea is such a joyful person, I’m so glad that she and Matt found each other!

The next morning we all had brunch and then spent a bit of time around the hotel pool. Everybody got some Lucy quality time:


Andrew and I had to head back to an airport hotel for a really early Monday morning flight, but before we did, my brothers, sisters-in-law and I had a late lunch, complete with goofy faces:



It’s been several years since we were all together, it was a grand time!

23 years and counting!

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21 Years and Counting!

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20 Years and Counting

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19 Years and Counting

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