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Pin it forward: What Home Means to Me

Here’s my contribution to the 2nd blogger mashup organized by Victoria, from SF Girl by Bay. This time, we’re all using a cool new tool called Pinterest, that allows you to create “pin boards” of images you find around the web as you’re browsing – complete with photo credit – score! If you’d like to have a pinterest account, Email me (or just mention it in the comments below), I’ve got 10 invitations to share!

I really enjoyed the 1st blogger mashup we did, and when I had a chance to do it again, I signed up early and was able to choose this day, because it’s the Friday before my 18th wedding anniversary (I posted a bit about how the hubby and I got together here). When I think of home, it is centered around my family – where ever they are, I am home.

I thought it neat that I could post about what home means to me around the day that celebrates the creation of my home.

Home is: A welcoming front door

Home is: lovely art on the walls

Home is: lots of books to read

Home is: music

Home is: beautiful flowers

Home is: delicious food

Home is: a kitchen with lots of herbs and spices

Home is: Lots of pottery

Home is: a place to gather around for laughter and stories (bonus! s’mores)

Home is: A comfy bed to sleep in

Home is: Andrew, Liam and Logan

All the photo credits, and lots more images I think of  as “home” can be found on my pinboard here. In my group, Maybe Next Week posted yesterday, and on Monday, it’s Marisa from Good Good’s turn. Thanks Victoria for organizing this!

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