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New Quilt | Birds for Lucy!

Here is the piece de resistance of all the things I’ve been making for my cousin’s new baby!!! The front is a series of improvly pieced rectangles, quilted with a grid (using a walking foot) that avoids the center rectangles each time, and then I free motion machine sketched a bird or two in each square…except one! That one I left blank so I could quilt her name in it once she arrived!!!




The back is a fun combination of some of the itajime fabrics I dyed, along with extra fabric from the front. The whole thing is a bit off kilter as I didn’t pay too much attention of how the back was aligned with the front while basting:


It’s nice and big (I forgot to measure it!), which I love, because hopefully she uses it for years!


I really like the 3 blocks that have tiny rectangles of a different color interupting one of the outer logs:


After a wash, there’s more crinkly goodness!!! There’s much less overall quilting so there’s a lot less crinkly goodness, but it’s still nice and snuggly:



Although Lucy was actually due a week and a half from now, she made an early entrance a week and a half ago, so I was able to quilt her name in the lavender square. I chickened out a bit and used a yellow thread that doesn’t have a ton of contrast with this particular value of purple so if  my quilting was less than graceful it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Thankfully, her name, Lucy Maya Cantiello, was pretty easy to quilt. (Note, I skipped quilting the date, I’m never very good at numbers!)






I’m really VERY happy with this quilt!!!


FMMS Sketchbook | Elementary Aviary

Today I’m sharing another sketchbook while getting running my Free Motion Machine Sketching DVD blog tour. This one is called “Elementary Aviary”. In it I use a simple ROYGBIV color palette, one that reminds my of the few big crayons found in those beginning packs for young kids…and I love stitching my bird motifs on things I… Continue Reading

Branch and Bird Mini Quilts

Although it seems like a zillion years ago, it’s really been a little over 2 years since I started publishing articles for the awesome folks at Quilting Arts.   The folks at Quilting Arts have used an article I wrote for them a couple of years ago and re-published it in a free e-book called… Continue Reading

Make it University

I’ve got more fun news to share! This July 29-31 International Quilt Festival comes to Long Beach, which is just about 90 minutes from my house. They have this really fun set of small classes sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors called Make it University. Here’s how it works (text from their website): The fee for each workshop is $10,… Continue Reading

Scoutie-bird House # 2

So, I’ve been sewing and dyeing my fingers off…not much time to blog, but I know I’ll appreciate documenting this stuff a year or so from now, so I’m going to quickly post things made in the past week so they are documented in some way! First up, I sold Scoutie-bird’s House #1 from the art gallery… Continue Reading

It’s a bird – more pictures!

Indulge me! I had some more time today, so I took my wee birdies outside for some more photos: As a reminder, this bird is made from a pattern Terry Grant of “And Sew it Goes” published in Quilt Scene magazine last year. Her birds are FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be jumping into… Continue Reading