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New Mod House Ornaments!

My show is just a couple days away now, but I took a few minutes to photograph my newly made Mod House Ornaments:

When posting these on social media yesterday I got a few questions about the pattern; I designed these 6 years ago, and the pattern can be found in my e-book Create Handmade Gifts for All:

Handmade Gifts Cover

If you make some for YOUR tree, or for gifts, I’d LOVE to see a picture!

OK, back to the studio for me!

Featured Artist at First Methodist Church

Late last week my calendar reminded me: I was scheduled to be a featured artist at a local church here in Redlands. Yikes, it had kinda slipped off the radar! I’ve got a big display cabinet, thankfully locked, to fill with all sorts of 3-d pieces: Of course, it was incredible hard to get good… Continue Reading

Set of 3 Mod House Ornaments

I just made a set of 3 mod house ornaments for a customer. She chose 3 of house shapes, and wanted my Jewel Tones palette. I was able to create a set of 3 for her that incorporates all the colors: I haven’t made any of these in awhile, but it still gives me a… Continue Reading

December Goals Meetup

This was the month to prep for my upcoming featured artist show at the Redlands Art Association December 4-27, and as I blogged yesterday, I had to install that show early (please note, this was only possible because a wee bit of emergency surgery for my little one cancelled our trip back east). It’s not at… Continue Reading

Mod House Ornament: Mies

This final (for now) house shape I’m using in my mod house ornaments is called “Mies” after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – apparently his friends and colleagues called him Mies, so I figured I’d do it too, so it looks like I’m “in the know” as it were! One house he’s famous for is… Continue Reading