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Happy Halloween from the King of All Cosmos!

After a year or two of boycotting trick or treat, my 15 year old Logan is once again excited to make a costume that he can wear to school and go trick or treating with his friends! In fact, he’s been obsessed with creating a costume after a character in a video game  that he likes called Katamari: the King of All Cosmos! This was a family affair, with hubby coming up with the idea and making the scaffolding for the “ruff”, as well as cutting styrofoam circles that hold the tube thing that goes across the top of the head. I sewed the cape and the cool gold zipper onto the front of the blue shirt.







If you can’t tell, he’s quite happy with it! Also, he wants you to know that the Comic Sans font was used for irony! 😉

Ah, the happiness of a plan that turns out the way you want it to (although there was some stress along the way….)!!!!!

Another Fun Trip to Nashville!

Last Friday hubby and I headed out to Nashville to hear Liam play his sophomore recital! The trip got off to a rocky start; we were supposed to arrive at midnight, but our connecting flight was delayed in Colorado, so I got to spent a few hours grading exams in the airport: and we didn’t… Continue Reading

Online Dyeing Classes on Sale!

Would you be interested in learning how to dye? Or perhaps you’ve done some dyeing with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes and are less than happy with your results? Either way, my online courses “Dyeing 100: Intro to Dyeing with Fiber Reactive Dyes”,  “Dyeing 101: Controlling Color“,”Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture” , “Dyeing 103: Multi Color Cotton”… Continue Reading

October Goals Check-in

Well, my goodness, I really did get everything made for my show last weekend! It was a great feeling to have a really full booth, and luckily I had so many sales that I’ve now got a lot of dyeing and stitching to do for the upcoming holiday season! October Goals Christmas Ornaments October 15 100%… Continue Reading

Show Report | Art, for Heaven’s Sake 2016

Well, this year’s 3-day show Art, for Heaven’s Sake is done and dusted! I was able to get everything on my list made, and I made some small changes to my display that I think worked well! First, here are some big booth shots: As you can see, I had 11 of my leather handled… Continue Reading

Art, for Heaven’s Sake this Friday through Sunday

Well, I’ve got some more ornaments to make, and then it’s on to tagging and making signs. Because this show starts Friday night, as soon as I get done with teaching my class on Friday, Hubby reschedules his afternoon lessons and we head on over to set up my booth…with the lights we need it… Continue Reading

My Newest Set of Holiday Row Houses

I was able to get a new holiday row houses done today! 3 days until my next show, and these will now be there!!! My first Holiday Row House was on the cover of Quilting Arts 2012: Just like my mod house ornaments, the pattern for these are also in my e-book Create Handmade Gifts… Continue Reading

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New Mod House Ornaments!

My show is just a couple days away now, but I took a few minutes to photograph my newly made Mod House Ornaments: When posting these on social media yesterday I got a few questions about the pattern; I designed these 6 years ago, and the pattern can be found in my e-book Create Handmade… Continue Reading