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A Swiss Cross Quilt for Baby Annalise!

Now that this quilt is received, (and loved!) by Annalise and her parents, I can show it off here! (The toughest part of making surprises for people who follow you on social media is not sharing snapshots of it along the way!)  To read more about the process, and why I’m making this quilt, please read yesterday’s post, but the Cliff’s notes of the story is that Liam’s trombone professor Jeremy Wilson at Vanderbilt is awesome, and he and his wife Kristi just had a baby girl named Annalise, and she needed a quilt! 🙂

So, here it is!!!! First the pictures I took the moment it was finished:









In my “spare time” I’m making a large Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt for my long neglected bed, I really love this simple pattern! Making this smaller version allowed me to test out one possible quilting pattern, a grid created by stitching 1/4″ on each side of the each cross. I really like it, and also realize that to do this on a queen size quilt that I’ll be quilting using my Quilt as You Go with No Sashing method will be difficult for second direction of quilting, so I’ve got more ruminating to do on that, but it was really quick to do on a baby size quilt! (This quilt is about 38″ x 50″).

Of course, the best part of any quilt to be used is the CRINKLY GOODNESS after it’s been washed and dried:









Ah! So happy to have this one out in the world! Welcome Annalise!!!!

A Swiss Cross Quilt for Annalise, the process

Phew! Now that the quilt has been received, I can finally blog about it! Followers of my blog will know that my oldest son Liam has just finished his first year studying trombone at Vandebilt University. The main reason he chose Vandy is because of the amazing Jeremy Wilson who is the trombone professor there,… Continue Reading

A Riot of Roses

We’ve been having amazingly cool weather here in Redlands this month, and our flowers have really reaped the benefits! These gardenias smell amazing:   And look at all my lovely roses!!! Continue Reading

Upcoming Classes at the Redlands Sewing Center

I just finished up another 3 session Free Motion Quilting class at the Redlands Sewing Center, we were having so much fun, and my students were bombarding me with so many questions at the end that I forgot to take any photos! I am always amazed at how each person can learn so much, each… Continue Reading

May Goals Check in

Well, the first half of May has been jam-packed, lets see what I was planning to do and how much I can get done in the next 2 weeks! May Goals Refill Scarves for Show in May  May 7  100% 6 Indigo Zip & Go bags  May 7  100% 6 Autumn Splendor Zippy wallets  May 7  0%… Continue Reading

A Momentous Week!

In between prepping for the show last Saturday, doing the show, then recovering from the show, we had some milestones happen! Liam came home from his first year at Vanderbilt! I can’t believe that he’s already 1/4 done! It’s crazy how fast that went! His girlfriend Celia was able to take the train out from… Continue Reading

Show Report | Riverside Art Market 2016

I didn’t mean to take until the end of the week to blog about the Riverside Art Market that I did last Saturday, but I’ve been a busy bee, and frankly was having a hard time wanting to blog about this show. So I’m going to be short and sweet about it: the organizers did… Continue Reading