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What a fun day!

Oh my goodness, what a fun Easter weekend we had! I was busy busy busy, because Andrew had a gig from 7-1 Easter morning. Liam’s girlfriend Celia was out for the weekend to visit, so Logan insisted that she be a substitute Liam for our traditional Easter Basket spiderweb hunt!




They also dyed Easter eggs and had fun!


Welcome spring!!! #fbp

I was busy in the kitchen. First, Hot Cross buns for breakfast:

I did a ton of baking prep yesterday! First up, hot cross buns for breakfast!

Then I had to cook a leg of lamb, and I did it!!!!

I cooked a roast all by myself!! Honey mint glaze last half hour this smells amazing!!!

My Aunt, Uncle, cousin, her hubby and beautiful baby Lucy came for dinner:

Happy, hungry guests!

I made 2 desserts! A lemon tart

Dessert number 2: whole lemon tart! (Yep another @smittenkitchen recipe)

And carrot graham cake with cream cheese frosting:

Carrot graham cake for dessert! (Yes recipe by @smittenkitchen !)

Everything was delicious, but the sweetest thing of all was this beautiful baby!!!!

lucy and candy

She finally is big enough to wear this dress I dyed for her baby shower last year:


I dyed a lot of things for her last year! I love a baby in colorful clothes, but man that smile is the best!!!

March Goals Check-in

Oh man, it smells INCREDIBLE in Redlands right now!!!! Citrus blossoms are out in full force, it smells so delicious!!!! The laundry room re-do really took up a lot of time, it’s almost done, and most of the work left to be done is hubby! I did get a curtain dyed and up: Ok, so… Continue Reading

Laundry Room Re-do Update

Last Wednesday I couldn’t take it any more, I HAD to put everything away in the newly painted cupboards in my laundry room! Over the washer and dryer is where I keep detergent and all my dyes and dyeing supplies that should be kept in temperature controlled environment: In the big cupboard I keep bolts… Continue Reading

Update | My Laundry Room Re-do

Well, I spent most of Spring Break working on my Laundry room! Highlights included emptying the cabinets and stacking everything precariously in the garage: A photo posted by Candy Glendening (@candiedfabrics) on Feb 29, 2016 at 12:37pm PST Stripping wallpaper that was used for shelf paper (WHY???): A photo posted by Candy Glendening (@candiedfabrics) on… Continue Reading

Meetup | March Goals

Happy Spring Break to me! Hubby is off doing an NASM accreditation site visit in Idaho, so it’s me and Logan fending for ourselves for the next couple of days. Of course, his Spring Break doesn’t match up with ours, so really Spring Break is the week I get to drive him to school in… Continue Reading