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2016 | First Rose of Spring

Ush, it’s been a long week! BUT! It’s now Spring Break for me! Of course, Hubby will be out of town most of that time doing and NASM accreditation visit in Idaho, and Logan doesn’t have break next week, but there it is, a break for me. And to mark the occasion, my very First Roses of Spring:

first rose of spring

Hooray for my Lady Banks Rose!!!! Hubby had to prune her quite severely last Fall, I was worried we wouldn’t get many blooms, but it looks like she’ll be as glorious, albeit shorter, than ever!

February Goals Check-in

Well, between my tooth and the Chicago trip, I’ve hardly done anything artistic!!!! Also, the day job is beating me down a bit, and being gone for a couple days put me behind the grading 8-ball, and I’ve got to get caught up this weekend because both classes have an exam next week. And I’ve… Continue Reading

A Fabulous Time in the Windy (& COLD) City!

Hubby spent last week in Chicago, subbing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He played a total of 8 concerts over 4 days; kids and family concerts with music written for Shakespeare plays, with actors from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater Company involved. Here’s what Orchestra Hall looks like from the 2nd trombone stand: My broken tooth turned out to… Continue Reading

It never rains…

It’s been a crazy couple of days! First, Liam’s girlfriend Celia came out for the weekend. Her birthday was last week so we spent some time doing some retail therapy and getting pedicures: I made a lemon ripple cheesecake for her birthday cake: She also wanted to bake some cookies to take back with her,… Continue Reading

6 | Color Strips all Prepped for my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt

Because one of my goals for my Scrappy Swiss Cross Quilt is to use….Scraps! So I’ve been cutting the pieces I’ll need for 50-plus more blocks from scraps and small bits of fabric. This of course involves lots of ironing…but I’m done! I’ve now got enough strips to make all the crosses I’ll need for… Continue Reading

Meetup | February Goals

Phew! What a quick month! Of course, because my Mom and Step-Dad were visiting until the 7th, it got off to a late start! Let’s see how far I got: January Goals Dyeing 104 session 8 January 31  100%  New quilt for our bed! January 31  15%  New curtains for our bedroom! February 28  0%  calendar… Continue Reading