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Meetup | August Goals

Woowee! I’m posting these a bit early because Hubby and I are off to Virgina for a wedding, so this is all that’s gonna get done until August!

July Goals

Get ready to LAUNCH Dyeing 104 July 31 85%
Dye skirt, shirts and scarves for wedding July 28 100%
Pay CA State Sales Tax!!! July 31 100%
Teach FMQ at Redlands Sewing Center July 21 100%
Teach Art in Music at Piano Camp July 29 100%
Modern Patchwork Submission July 24 100%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video August 20 0%
calendar email to students August 1 100%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

I got ALMOST everything done I was hoping to! I really enjoyed teaching the FMQ class at the Redlands Sewing Center. Here’s some intent ladies from this July class:


And some happy folk at the end of the last session! Everyone is always so happy with what they’ve learned!





I did enjoy renewing my indigo dyeing gloves, and the kids at Piano Camp really loved what they did, but a tiny voice inside of me reminds me that if I’d said no, my Dyeing 104 class would have been launched by now. Hah! Teaching three 1 hour classes involved SO MUCH MORE TIME than that to prep, set up, clean up, break down, etc… And I won’t be done with it until later tonight, their tee shirts are in the washing machine as I’m writing this post. But the kids did have a ton of fun. Here’s they bandanas they dyed on Tuesday to learn about Procion MX dyes and to start planning out the colors for their final project:


So, August goals are simple:

August Goals

LAUNCH Dyeing 104 August 6 85%
Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video August 20 0%
Dying 104 sessions 5 & 6 August 31 0%
calendar email to students August 31 0%
Finish the next mystery project back burner 50%
Mod House Quilt back burner 5%

As soon as I return from the wedding, it’s all Dyeing 104, all the time until it’s launched. Then a quick break to quilt Liam’s quilt, and then it’s back to working on the content of Dyeing 104! We’ll have a 5 day trip to Nashville in mid-August to take Liam to Vanderbilt in there too! Busy summer going by way too fast!!!

Dabbling in the Indigo Dyepot

I’ve done some indigo dyeing before, mostly for a session in my Dyeing 102: Controlling Texture online class, as well as when I teach Mother Earth Chemistry at the University, but I’ve not followed up on it much as there is just not that much time in the days! However, this week, I’m teaching a… Continue Reading

2 | Building a Brick Pizza Oven

I’ve been hard at work on getting Dyeing 104 ready to launch, and hubby has spent what little free time he has on the next steps of building a bigger, better, brick pizza oven! First he spread over 1000 pounds of gravel in the bottom of the foundation he dug: Next step is the rebar,… Continue Reading

July Goals Check-in

I’ve been working hard on the building Dyeing 104: Multicolor Silk! Once I’ve got the first 4 sessions up I’l launch, but the first four sessions are doozies! So much to explain, so many videos to tape, so many pictures to edit, so much explaning to type! And then there’s the video editting, the picture… Continue Reading

1 | Brick Pizza Oven version 2.0

While I’m working on building Dyeing 104, hubby has a summer project: building a bigger, better pizza oven! 4 years ago he built his first pizza oven on our back patio and it has served us well! Here it is when he first built it: Unfotunately, we didn’t dry the clay slow enough, so it… Continue Reading

Happy Independence Day!

I thought I’d share this video of NYO-USA’s performance of “America the Beautiful” at Carnegie Hall last summer: Liam had a great experience with NYO-USA last summer, we’re so glad there are recordings like this so we can remember that awesome concert tour! Here in Redlands, we had another fabulous week of music with the… Continue Reading