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Studio Snapshots | Purple, Grey and Gold Baby Quilt Step 3

The next step in making this baby quilt for my cousin was to make some pretty Itajime patterned fabric to use on the back of the quilt as well as a basket I wanted to make for her as well. So these fabrics:


Came out looking like this:



I skimped a bit on the clamps (because I ran out and wanted to dye all 8 pieces) so some of the patterning isn’t as strong as I would like, but some of these are quite nice!

So, the quilt I’ve been wanting to make them for a long time is an improv, loosey-goosey-sorta-log-cabiny piece, with a largish square/rectangle in the center for some Free Motion Machine Sketched birds! But I needed some help cutting into all that yardage I dyed so that I could lots of different sizes and shapes of fabric to use for the loosey-goosey-sorta-log-cabiny quilt, so I decided to make a simple quilt inspired by she can quilt’s Canvas quilt pattern.

I grabbed the fabric and started playing around with the colors and realized that working with these 3 sets of tints was actually quite hard! Here’s some of the combo’s I tried:








I ended up liking this arrangement the best:


And am quite happy with this offcenter arrangement after piecing it:


And now the fabric has been cut into so it’s easier to start making lots of strips!!!!

Show Report | Art in the Park 2015

This year’s Art in the Park was quite cold! It was overcast the whole weekend, and it barely got above 70 the second day, and I don’t know if it even got there the first day; quite bizarre, considering the weather usually this time of year gets up into the 90s at least! I don’t… Continue Reading

Art in the Park This Weekend!

Art in the Park Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 24, 10 am – 5 pm Redlands Art Association’s artists and craftsmen will exhibit and sell their work at this annual outdoor event. A variety of art will be featured – oils, acrylics, sculptures, watercolors, photography, weavings, hand dyed silks, etchings, glassware, ceramics, jewelry, wood… Continue Reading

May Goals Check-in

We’ve been zooming towards the end of the school year, with all the events that bring (plus, both Liam and Logan’s birthdays are this month as well!) Besides committee work at school, I’m pretty much done with the day job and am transitioning right into more Candied Fabrics type work! We also cooked a TON… Continue Reading