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Step Into My “Office”

Shortly after Christmas, I snatched up a chaise that was being discontinued on Crate & Barrell’s website that I’d been lusting after for years, it’s the size of a twin bed, so can actually act as a bed when we have guests, but mostly it’s for me to sit on at night time when it’s time to write blog posts, or do other computer work while hubby and I “watch” TV, usually a cooking show or his newest interest, fixing up old car shows. I needed a table to place a drink on, and someplace to stash my laptop and lapdesk, and hubby came up with the perfect solution:


It’s a long, skinny box that’s topped with a pretty piece of maple. It’s almost as long as the chaise and runs between the chaise and the window/wall. The center 60% is on hinges and lifts up, but each end is permanently attached, and just the right size to hold a drink, you can see my iced tea cup there.


There’s a little notch underneath the lid, not only is it a place for me to get my fingers in so I can flip the top up, but there’s a power strip inside the box that I plug my laptop in to, this notch allows my laptop to remain plugged in with the top down.



Inside there’s plenty of room for my laptop, lap desk, laptop case, and anything else I want close at hand!


Yes, I know how lucky I am with my handy hubby!

I’m thinking about new pillow covers for those looooong skinny pillows on each end, probably something like this, I like the way the improve block divides the long pillow, and I think it’ll look even more dramatic on those really rectangular pillows:



but in linen with my Autumn Splendor palette:


What do you think? I’m in a bit of a quandry because those long skinny pillows are really needed to make for comfortable sitting up. I know if I don’t like the covers, I can go back to the matching ones, but I’d like to feel like YES MAKE THEM before I go ahead!

It’s Here!!!!

Today was the day we could go get my sink! Yahoo!!!! The fabricator (JNL Stainless) is located about 30 miles away, so we rented a 10′ U-haul trailer and headed off to Upland! Luckily the guys had it ready to load on a forklift:   This thing is REALLY heavy, thank goodness hubby thought to… Continue Reading

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First Rose of Spring, the 2015 Edition

It wasn’t that long ago that I posted a picture of my last rose of Winter; January 31st to be exact! Although the bulk of the country is being hit by horribly cold, snow-filled weather, here in So Cal it looks like Spring! Hubby spent  few weekends pruning back all the roses in our central… Continue Reading

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One Moment | A Fun Day in LA

One of the auditions Liam had last Fall was for the Spotlight Awards, an all performint arts competition with dancers, singers, jazz and classical instrumentalists. Liam made the semi final rounds; another audition coming up! Part of the Spotlight mission is to provide the kids with coaching opportunities. The singers, dancers and jazz musicians had master classes, but… Continue Reading

February Goals Check-in

Time to check in on my February Goals! February Goals Project for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch blog hop Feb 20 85% Taxes Feb 15 100% New Sink???? ??? 50%  Finish Liam’s quilt, make new shorter QAYG video  Feb 28  0%  Begin the next mystery project  Feb 28  0% calendar email to students Feb 28  0%… Continue Reading