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Guest Post | Organization Tips for Making Quilted Gifts in Quantity

Hopefully my  Handmade Gifts E-book has inspired folks to think about making gifts for their friends and family during this holiday season.

Handmade Gifts Cover

The folks over at Quilting Arts asked me to write a post with tips on how to keep organized so making lots of gifts doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I also offer ways to make each gift unique, so that each person is receiving something truly original from you. Check out my tips here!


My New E-book! Create Handmade Gifts for All

I’ve been mentioning a couple of mystery projects for the last several months…and today I can reveal one of them! 18 of my patterns that have been published in different Quilting Arts Magazines over the years are all together in one handy E-book! It’s called “Create Handmade Gifts for All” and is available to purchase right… Continue Reading

A Goal is a Dream with a Plan

Long term blog readers will probably know that I post monthly goals here – although it started as place to keep track of all the different things I want to make an do as an artist, it also because a way to encourage me to follow through with those plans. I also began to start… Continue Reading

First Day of School for the Boys!

Usually, I post that fun Staples video with the Dad manaically throwing school supplies into a cart singing “It’s the most wonderful time….of the year!”. But this year, school’s come a little bit too soon for me and Liam. Luckily, Logan was excited to go back, but this is due to a happenstance miracle! He… Continue Reading

A Beautiful Trip to the Grand Tetons!

I wanted to share some pictures from our trip to the Grand Tetons; we spent 4 days there around the time of the NYO-USA concert at the Grand Teton’s Music Festival. We drove from Redlands to Salt Lake City the first night, then we had time for Andrew & Logan to do some fishing on… Continue Reading

A New Clutch for Me!

While dyeing with my Niece and Nephew I also dyed some clothes for myself. I dyed a linen skirt a pretty mix of purple and 2 golds, and I tucked a piece of PFD Cotton Sateen (480M from Testfabrics) in with the skirt. The sateen is supposed to have a sheen on one side; it’s… Continue Reading