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New Mod House Pillows!

Here’s the TaDAH! moment from the pillows I showed you my process on yesterday.




I love them!!! Now that there pillows, I don’t think the houses look like they’re floating in space and I’m really glad that I didn’t spend the extra time quilting pebbles along the bottom – they would be totally lost! But a good lesson, because I think if I were to put houses like this on a quilt (which I’m thinking I will….) I will want to think about whether to ground them them with quilting or color or…????

Anyway, here’s the one I made for my awesome chartreuse chair:



I think it looks FABULOUS on the chair…but that’s just me! 😉

And the grey one was made for this rocking chair:



Not only does it look cute, but this chair really needs a pillow at the bottom there, so this one makes the chair truly useful!

I don’t know if this is just how my brain works…but decorating is an extension of my art. I place color and shapes around the room like I do when making  a quilt, or a village of mod house ornaments:


It’s just the process of decorating is soooooo much slower! 😉

22 Years and Counting

Andrew and I have been married for 22 years now! I finally took some time to photograph a few more pictures from our wedding album to share here on the blog: The Annual Pokorny Low Brass Seminar that he organizes and hosts at the UoR School of Music doesn’t start until tomorrow, so the 2 of us are headed… Continue Reading

Inspiration Found in Other People’s Gardens

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting at someone’s house here in Redlands, she is an awesome gardener! I was only able to snap a couple of pictures before the meeting started, I wish I’d had more time to prowl around! I’m not sure what this first flower is, it reminds me of Nigella:… Continue Reading

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Fun Day with the Pass Patchers

Well, this week has just disappeared. I spent all Tuesday digging out some really old quilts, looking for pictures of even more, and putting together for my lecture/trunk show to the Pass Patchers Quilt Guild in Beaumont, CA. The title of my talk was “My Journey from Traditional to Art Quilter” and it was really… Continue Reading

June Goal Check-in

Well, I’ve been knocking things off my list! I’m so happy to cross off Mary’s bag, plus a few bonus bags, off this list, it was on it way too long. I’m waiting to hear back from Valerie on the measurements for her iPad cover so that line is officially on hold til she gets… Continue Reading