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A Fun Little Set of Snowflake Coasters!

Last year I made this improv pieced tree table runner:


I came up with some fun snowflake quilting patterns for it:


I’ve been wanting to do something where the patterns are the feature, not the supporting player, so I came up with the idea of making some circular coasters featuring a snowflake on each one:

Snowflake Coasters 2

I’m quite happy with them! Perhaps they’ll find their way into QA Gifts next Fall!

February Goals Check in

I’m a few days late, but lets see how I’m doing: February Goals LAUNCH DYEING 103!!!!! February 8 100% Custom Dyed Scarf for Kim February 18 100% Inventory for tax prep February 28 80% QA Gifts Submissions February 28 0% Could it be? A bag for Mary for real??? February 28 0% Pillows for Jess… Continue Reading

Dyeing 103: Multi Color Cotton has Launched!!!!

I’m so excited! Registration for my newest online class Dyeing 103: Multi Color Cotton Fabric is open! In this class I will teach my students how to dye truly beautiful pieces of multicolor cotton fabric. We will cover both exploring color theory to create new multicolor fabrics and I will share the “secret recipes” for 20 of my most favorite multicolor palettes.… Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My giveaway is over and the winner is… #3 – Laine!!! It’s so funny, is most definately random – if you’d asked ME to pick a random number between 1 and 56 I know that I would have chosen a number with 2 digits…but random is random! 🙂 I had a lot of fun… Continue Reading

Snapshots from my Week

Don’t forget to enter my QA magazine giveaway, it closes at the end of today. It’s been a nose to the grindstone kind of week, with lots of time spent on the computer: working hard on my online class…and also trying to find a place to stay in the Tetons for a few days this… Continue Reading

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

You know that old chestnut, right? “Practice, practice, PRACTICE!” Well, for my 16 year old son, this is the end result of years of practice! It is with GREAT JOY and EXTREME PRIDE that I shout to the rooftops: Liam just found out he’s in the National Youth Orchestra of the USA! This fully funded group… Continue Reading