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Our Kitchen Reno | Moving the Stuff Back into the Cabinets!

Today we moved all the stuff back in the cabinets! It was so exciting! It is going to be so awesome to be able to FIND everything we need easily!

Organizing drawers

Only 1 pic today because we got this done with enough time for Logan and I to hop in the car and drive (against homeward traffic) to Ikea, trade in a bunch of unneeded parts and buy the extra handles and a couple more drawer organizers I needed to get the cabinets done.

The things we’ve still got to do:

  1. Seal the tile
  2. Add trim to the top of the cabinets
  3. Install the hood
  4. Install shelves around hood
  5. Install backsplash hanging rails
  6. New top and huge drawer for island
  7. Paint the trim
  8. Caulk! We’re counting on this to hide a bunch of sins!
  9. Clean pantry and install new shelves
  10. Lower storage and counter in wet bar


Our Kitchen Reno | The Sink is IN!

Work on the kitchen slowed this weekend, because Andrew had 2 rehearsals and 2 performances from Friday to Sunday, and a lot of Saturday was spent in Idyllwild, for Liam’s final concert at music camp. Even though they lost 5 rehearsal days to the fire, the wind ensemble sounded great! For me though, was watching… Continue Reading

Our Kitchen Reno | Grouting is Done!

Today was grouting day! But before we got started on the grout, we assembled and installed the rest of the cabinet drawers. One thing I’ve learned and would like to share with anyone assembling Ikea cabinets: Don’t open up multiple boxes and take the drawers slides away from the matching drawer…because some of them are… Continue Reading

Our Kitchen Reno | Limestone Tile!

OK my friends, this day ended really late, we are POOPED! But I’m liking sharing the update pix everyday, so let me just share pix of the limestone tile we installed today! I love it!!! By the end of the day, I was able to pull out the spacers from 2 of the walls, take… Continue Reading

Our Kitchen Reno | Install Day 3

We are just about done with the cabinet install! First we levelled the stove wall cabinets: and then installed the baking wall: The last step in Ikea cabinet installation is screwing them to the wall. The top cabinets get hung on a metal bar that is screwed to the drywall, so they are really sturdily… Continue Reading