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Another Fun Patio Class

I had a great time last Saturday! Here is Meena:

She used to dye fabric years ago when she studied design in India. She’s admired my work at several local art shows, and she has (and loves) one of my hand dyed velvet scarves. When she read in my newsletter last month that I was now offering small dyeing classes on my patio, she jumped at the chance to set one up! We had a total of 6 people,

including Meena’s daughter and niece:

who had lots of fun dyeing their own custom colored tee shirts. All kids LOVE the feeling of gloved hands in water, this is a truth I see every time I dye with kids!

We lucked out with the most BEAUTIFUL morning weather in the past month (it’s been sooo hot) the girls had fun playing in the pool with their Aunt looking on:

(Stirling had fun in his boat with them!)

While I helped Meena and another student (whose name has now escaped me…) finish up dyeing their scarves. Everyone had a GREAT time!

If you’d like  hear more about my patio classes, here’s more info!

Studio Snapshots | 26 Yards

This not very glamorous picture is 26 yards of my Jewel Tone color palette in the process of being dyed. I need a bunch to make kits for the folks taking my tablet class next week, plus it’s time to start making for Fall shows. It’s a gazillion degrees out there (probably up to 104F… Continue Reading

Upcoming E-reader Class at Redlands Sewing Center

If you live in or close to Redlands, CA, and would like a chance to learn or strengthen your Free Motion Quilting skills, I’m teaching a “Custom Tablet/E-reader Cover Class” at the Redlands Sewing Center  (located at 422 East State Street in Redlands, CA ). It meets for 2 Wednesdays in September, the 5th & the 12th, from 6:30-9:30… Continue Reading

August Goals Check-in

OK, I’m not gonna whine about how fast the summer has flown by – because I know I’m a lucky lady, to get these summer months off. But…..waaaaaaaahhhhh! (that’s me crying…not whining…) I don’t want it to end! sigh… As always, when I’m feeling down, I need to take a look at my list and… Continue Reading

Studio Snapshots | Indigo Shibori

It’s funny how perspectives can change! It’s been soooooo hot the last couple of weeks, up to 104-108F each day. And while it’s usually pretty dry here in Redlands,  it’s been humid too (not as bad as it gets in other parts of the country, but still). Anyway, today it “only” got up to 97,… Continue Reading