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Red Dirt Spring 2012

We had great weather for the show, and plenty of room for everybody to spread out! Sometimes I put up a wall or two in the tent to give my work a plain background, but with the extra space, I just left it all open and let the pretty park peek through. Hubby and I were up early enough to get everything set up without having to rush, and I had a bit of time to take some pix at some really cool angles.

It was a fun day! But very tiring!

Final Prep for Red Dirt Art Festival

Well, I finished off a lot of little things in the past couple of days. I didn’t get everything made on my list, but I did get lots done. Here are some quick snaps of what got finished in the past 3 days, so I have a record of what I did, as hopefully a… Continue Reading

Candied Fabrics is Turning 6!

Well my goodness! I’m beginning my 6th year of business! My very first art show was Red Dirt Art Festival in April of 2007. This Saturday, April 28, is Red Dirt 2012, so I’m officially beginning year number 6 this weekend! Here’s a shot of my setup at my very first Red Dirt: And here’s a shot… Continue Reading

A Quilted Mantle Cover

Another project I finished last week was something else I wanted to make last Christmas! I love simple glass spherical ornaments, and have always wanted to create a curtain-like display of them hanging straight down in front of a window or my fireplace, completely impractical in a house with kids and dogs. So here’s my solution:… Continue Reading

Paella Season has Begun!

We had our first paella party of the season last Saturday night! I blogged about how it’s made last year, but essentially, it involves sitting around with some good friends, drinking sangria and eating tapas, while hubby cooks on a big paella burner out on the patio. It was great fun, and a wonderful way… Continue Reading

April Goals Check-in

I gave my last final exam yesterday (not graded yet…) and now I’ve got a little break before my MayTerm class, and I’ve got a LOT of stuff to make! I had another rush custom order for some scarves come in, gotta get those turned around pronto, they’re needed for a wedding next weekend. Quilting… Continue Reading