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A Steno Pad Notetaker for a Tulip Lovin’ Gal

Although I’ve been working hard on my online class, I had to take some time to make this notetaker:

My stepsister Pam loves steno pads, she uses them all the time at work, and years ago she asked me to make one of my notetakers (using Kathy Mack’s awesome pattern) sized for a steno pad.

She’s loved it all these years and wanted to give her assistant one for her birthday…any guess what the assistant’s name is? 😉

It got there just in the nick of time, and Jamie loves it! hooray!

One Moment | Internet Connectedness

I had a lovely lunch on Friday. A colleague of mine at the University of Redlands who teaches in the Econ department emailed me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would be able to have lunch with he and his Mom who was going to be visiting from Vermont, because she was a… Continue Reading

Introduction to Indigo: Experimenting with Pattern

Introduction to Indigo: Experimenting with Pattern Indigo is an ancient form of dyeing that is so much fun! There’s an almost magical process where white cloth is immersed into a vat of yellow liquid – when removed, it quickly turns from yellow, to green, to blue. Of course, it’s not magic, just a bit of chemistry! In… Continue Reading

Pick Your Palette, Dye a Scarf!

Pick your Palette, Dye a Silk Scarf If you would love to learn a bit about how I dye my silk scarves, this is the class for you! Choose your favorite of my 28 different scarf palettes and I’ll walk you through mixing the colors, choosing the pattern you’d like to dye, and then dyeing the scarf. You could also… Continue Reading