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What a Lovely Christmas

Our Christmas was just the four of us, and it’s been a lovely week. We’ve been enjoying lots of good meals, movies, and playing with our new toys! (I got an iPad mini – WHEEE!) I thought I’d show a few pix from the day:

Ah, gotta love the classic sitting at the top of the stairs shot! Liam had a very musical Christmas, getting 4 different mutes for his trombone, some recordings, a jazz method book/CD and another CD that contains all the trombone parts for all the classic orchestral excerpts. Although this may not sound very exciting to most folks, he thought it was all great! The learning conversational Italian CDs are to help him learn enough Italian to hopefully be polite when he goes to Italy with the Claremont Youth Symphony next summer. (I also got him a set of Hitchcock movies and a set of “classic” movie CDs, we’re watching Psycho right now – eek!)

Logan had a great time too – his favorite gifts had to do with either minecraft (that green creature he’s hugging is a “creeper” from the game) or Dr. Who! The bowtie is a reference to the 11th (and current) Doctor, Santa put the tie in his stocking, and the tee shirt is a saying of that same Doctor, and he’s got a sonic screwdriver too!

I’ve got a lot of catch up blogging to do, but I’m not going to rush it! I want to share all the presents I made, and take a look at how the year went, and look ahead to 2013, but I’ve realized that a post written on January 3rd will do the same job as one written on the first or the fifth! 🙂

Decking the Halls!

One reason I like to blog is that it helps me remember events – in fact the act of blogging seems to cement the memory in my mind a bit, and it sure is fun to look back at past events in some sort of organized fashion, rather than looking through a folder of pix… Continue Reading

Linen Convertible Clutches

After working with the linen that I dyed for my new pillows, I decided to make some convertible clutches with the linen: I loved working with the linen! These clutches have some structure in how they are constructed…I’m tossing over in my mind on sewing a bag with less structure from the linen… Yay linen! Continue Reading

Branch and Bird Mini Quilts

Although it seems like a zillion years ago, it’s really been a little over 2 years since I started publishing articles for the awesome folks at Quilting Arts.   The folks at Quilting Arts have used an article I wrote for them a couple of years ago and re-published it in a free e-book called… Continue Reading

Check in on Candy Claus’s Workshop

Between watching the news about the horrors of Sandy Hook Elementary School, reading FB post after FB post of people shocked and saddened and angered by the events, I’ve lost some Christmas spirit. At some point yesterday I walked away from the computer and got some dyeing done and finished grading my last set of final exams.… Continue Reading

Holiday Studio Tour Report

I had a fantastic time at my studio tour last weekend! Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. Sunday was slower, but still we had good traffic. The other artists also reported lots of traffic, so we all were happy! Here’s my house all spruced up for the event: I totally copied the folks who staged… Continue Reading