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My Secret is Revealed!

I am SOOOOO happy to finally be able to share my unbloggable secret!      TaDAH!

Yup, that is an entire DVD, 70 quick minutes of me! Just me! Last month when I filmed 2 episodes of Quilting Arts TV I also filmed a workshop DVD. Entitled “Dyeing to Stitch”, I take people through my process. The entire workshop focusses around my Jewel Tone Palette:

I start by showing how I mix my dyes and dye single hue fabrics:

The recipes for all 6 of the jewel tones are included on the DVD!

Next, I illustrate 6 different ways to dye multicolor fabrics:

I then talk about color theory, show how I use my “Candiotic Table of Elemental Color”:

walk you through the choices I made to find the perfect chartreuse:

and then finally illustrate my “free motion machine sketching”:

and the ways I work with fabric so that everything I do reflects the uniqueness of things that I make:

I have more stories that I can finally tell, but I can not WAIT to press publish anymore!

Oh, a detail I’m hoping a couple people want to know – the DVD’s will be available in about a month! Woot!

More later, but I had to share as soon as I was able! Please know, all you wonderful blog readers, that the amazing support that I get when I show my work right here is what gave me the courage to start showing off my work to a larger audience. And that audience is about to get wider! From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!

** All these photos were taken by the awesome Helen Gregory, the Managing Editor of Quilting Arts & Cloth Paper Scissors, and my rock throughout this somewhat stressful process. Why I don’t have a picture of the two of us together I do not know, but I hope to remedy that soon! 🙂 Helen is the calmest person ever, and is excellent at talking me down when I’m at the edge of crazy town! Her calmness, however, NEVER gets in the way of her enthusiasm for art quilts, she is a JOY to work with!



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