Monthly Archives: July 2011

Headed to Long Beach

Well, I’m on my way to Long Beach and the International Quilt Festival show! I’ll be teaching people how to “Sketch with Scissors” from 12-1 at “Make it University”. We’ll be making these cute bird earrings:

Later, from 2:45-4:45 I’ll be making Mod Houses in their “Open Studio”. I wanted to hang some finished ones on the edge of the table while I was working so people could see what I was making, so I asked the hubby to come up with something easy to transport. He recycled some Ikea light fixture tubing and some bendable wire, and voila!

If you’re at the show tomorrow – please stop by and say hi!

Trusting My Process

So, I was doing some dyeing yesterday: and I was very surprised by the color of the chartreuse (top right), it looks waaaaay to dark,  and the plum (bottom middle) looks a bit brown. No matter how many times I do this, I still need to remind myself that, with dyeing, what you see in… Continue Reading

Interview in the Press Enterprise

A couple of weeks ago, I had a lovely interview with woman from the Press Enterprise named Marina Rojas. She let me go on and on about all sorts of stuff, and did a great job of pulling out some information from it! it’s online here if you’d like to read it. Continue Reading

One Moment | Sending Liam off to Music Camp

We took Liam up into the mountains today for 2 weeks of music camp at Idyllwild Arts Academy. He was quite excited, and ready for us to leave! The very first item on the agenda, after getting registered and stuff unloaded into the dorm, was a seating audition. Because my Hubby is a trombonist, and… Continue Reading

How I Love my Dual Screen Monitors

I’ve been working hard on finishing up my messenger bag pattern, and having the dual screen monitors has been invaluable. I keep the developing pattern on the small screen, and work on the pictures for the next figure in photoshop on the big screen. As many of the figures have several smaller pictures, it’s really… Continue Reading

Bookeeping Update

I’ve been keeping my accounts with an excel spreadsheet for years (details blogged here). It worked for me because until these last few months, most of my sales were done in cash or with checks at shows, so I could just include a single line with a total from a show and be done. But… Continue Reading