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Drawing Lab 1 | Cats in Bed

I know, I know, I need another thing to do like I need a hole in my head! Angie Allen is starting up this totally awesome meetup, the details are here, but basically, she’s working through the exercises in the book “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists” by Carla Sonheim.

I am not trained as an artist. Yet here I am, doing my little artist thing here! As my little business expands I find that I spend more and more time on endeavors that don’t involve actual creating, so I thought that a quick little exercise just for creativity’s sake would be good for me.

Rather than work with pen/pencil/paper I’d like to either use my sewing machine, which is my drawing tool of choice, or my new iPad, because I’d like to learn how to use it and this provides me with a great opportunity!

The first exercise is to draw cats while in bed, and lo and behold, every night I find myself in bed with my iPad (sorry honey!), so I spent a bit of time sketching cats instead of reading blogs!

I used Art Studio for the first time, and by the 3rd cat, I understood the basics of using the app. I am in love with the smoothness of the lines – I really enjoyed just creating the line, and worried very little about whether I was successfully actually drawing a cat!

Here’s the link to week #1 of the round up, if you’d like to joins us, please do!.

Wondrously Organized Storage in my Garage!

It should not be a surprise, but as my business grows, my storage shrinks! I’ve done a series of de-cluttering and clearing out of unneeded supplies, and through the years I’ve narrowed in on how I like to work in my studio, storing items and supplies most often needed in the easy to reach places,… Continue Reading

One Moment | Patience

I’ve been learning the value of patience these past couple of weeks. Combining the huge number scarves I need to dye with coolish weather, I’ve not been able to dye and finish scarves as quickly as usual. Turns out that’s a good thing…when I let the scarves soak in a bucket of water for days,… Continue Reading

Update on My Costa Mesa Create Class

I’ve got some exciting news about the classes that I’ll be teaching at the Create Mixed Media Retreat in Costa Mesa, in Southern California, this coming May! Both my classes will have 18 Bernina sewing machines available to use during the entire class! Even if the class makes it’s upper limit of 25, that’s still enough sewing… Continue Reading

Dye-a-palooza Day 5

I spent Saturday in the backyard, dyeing another 67 scarves: Once I get these washed and ironed, I’ll have finished that big order of 96 scarves, and I’m stocked up for Spring Shows. Where are the ironing fairies when I need them? Continue Reading

One Moment | Jasmine

And so, another week is over. We’ve been crazy busy, the world news is even more depressing than normal, spring shows, final exams, May Term, teaching at the Create Retreat, all loom ahead of me. I’m exhausted. But the Jasmine has been blooming, and I’ve got a first draft of a new silk color palette… Continue Reading