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2 Pretty Pillows

I’m planning on making a bunch of these for my Spring Shows…but I wanted to make these more Christmassy ones to submit to magazines for next holiday season (crazy, I know!) I’m really loving the linear quilting on the background, how it contrasts with my free motion machine sketching.

We had a gloriously sunny, chilly day here, so I traipsed out into my backyard chasing shadows and got some halfway decent pictures:

I had some fun learning a new to me method of adding a flap to cover the zipper:

It’s vacation week, and I’ve got lots to do! I hope I have a lot to share with you!

One Moment | Spring Break

Hooray, spring break is here. It’s a bit earlier than most university spring breaks, the semester starts pretty early so we can squeeze in our “May Term” before Memorial Day. Any old who,  the next week holds lots and lots of dyeing, and sewing – but tonight? Tonight, the hubby and I went out, to… Continue Reading

Further Thoughts on Yes, No and Raising Children

The guest post that Tara wrote yesterday on the “the beauty of no, the softness of yes” was speaking to our ability as artists to figure out how to focus. But a comment from Elizabeth Howard, author of the well written and extremely thoughtful blog “Letters from a Small State” got me thinking down a… Continue Reading

One Moment | Winter in Redlands

It’s my 7th winter here in Southern California. We’ve got the drill down – the roses need to be cut down by Valentine’s day, because Spring is right around the corner. My last rose of Winter is gone, but more will be here soon enough. Sometimes I can’t believe I live here, because this Winter… Continue Reading

An Awesome Trade

One of the shows I do every spring is “Art in the Park”. 3 years ago, an artist who works a lot in oil pastels named Patricia Rose Ford had a booth across and down the path a bit from me. She usually tries to paint something as the day goes by. It turns out… Continue Reading

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February Goals Check-in

Holy Guacomole – I’m halfway through the month, and such a short month too! I did a lot of web design work this week, and Mary, the empress of CSS, did a whole heckuva lot more…leading to the soft launch of Angie Allen’s new blog yesterday! It’s looking fabulous, there’s more work to do, but… Continue Reading