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Best Laid Plans

So, my featured artist show at the RAA is scheduled to go up this weekend, and the hubby and I have been planning for all sorts of ways to display my mod house ornaments, but i got a call the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from the featured artists coordinator – the person before me was unable to hang her show – would I go in early? !

So after picking up hubby from the airport, I grabbed what I could and my good friend Liz and we got the corner put together. And then I sold 2 small art quilts on Friday and another on Saturday morning. I spent Friday and Saturday making a new set of “Branch and Bird” 8 x 10’s, frantically took some pictures (which did NOT come out well at all, but at least it’s something…the 3 I did sell I have no photos at ALL to show you!).

It’s funny how quickly some things can come together when they have to! We’ll re-do the corner this weekend…I’ve got some fun new things to get done for it, and I want to edit that big back wall – the spacing is too tight…but, you know, I don’t think it looks half bad!


I have 10 million reasons to be thankful. It doesn’t take a holiday to make me think about them, and I certainly hope I do a decent job of conveying my thankfulness to people. As I come down the home stretch to December and all its craziness, I’m happy to share a couple more exciting tidbits… Continue Reading

Festival of Pie 2010

Well, it wasn’t the holiday we’d planned this year, we were supposed to be celebrating in Massachusetts with my family. But I am sooooo grateful we got Logan to the doctor before his appendix burst, oh my goodness, I try not to go down that road… Anyway, it’s amazing that just one week ago my… Continue Reading

RikRak Studio Mega Giveaway!

Well, I’m now trying to get back in the blogging swing of things again (I wonder what got me off track?) Kristal, over at RikRak Studio, is having a mega giveaway! I’m one of over 30 artists who’ve donated something to this awesome, color coordinated giveaway! How cool is that? I love her color choices,… Continue Reading

Home safe and sound

In the ER Thursday at 9:30 AM, home minus one appendix by Saturday at 3 PM. Logan wanted me to post pix of him in his new PJ’s. We’re happily ensconced in the Living room, having a Harry Potter marathon. I’m truly amazed at how fast he’s rebounded! And to be away from the hospital,… Continue Reading

One Moment: Appendicitis trumps all

It’s early Friday morning, and i’ve not slept much, but for a completely differnt reason than I thought! Wednesday Logan came home from school and barfed. He also complained of stomach pain, but I thought it was the trowing up. He didn’t eat any mre than a sip or two of water, but continued retching… Continue Reading

Awesome Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

My birthday was last week, and my hubby cooked me an awesome dinner! Although I’m not a good food photographer, I did my best to document it, as I’d been tweeting about it and making people hungry – yay twitter! First up – baked brie! Andrew sauteed some sliced apples and almonds in butter, brown sugar and… Continue Reading