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Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall ’10

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my entry into the Fall Blogger’s Quilt Festival, the genius idea from Amy of Amy’s Creative Side. It’s an online quilt show that runs at the same time as  the big Quilts, inc show runs. Lots of bloggy quilting friends are there in Houston, so this is a show for those of us who can’t go! Amy has a big linky where literally 100’s and 100’s of quilters sign in, and then we all try to visit as many as we can!

This quilt is quite old…I made it back in 2005.

hand dyed fabric quilt made of simple squares earth colors

We had moved to California in 2004, and my hubby had hooked up a sink up in the patio for me to be able to dye often. Because I had a great place to dye, I finally came to the realization that I needed to start using the special little bits of fabric I’d dyed back in my learning years in Ohio. I also had painted the bedroom an earthy green and wanted an earthier quilt to go with it.

So one of the reasons this quilt is special to me is that I had finally realized that I needed to use those fabulous bits of fabric…I could always dye more! (When you’re a beginning dyer, there’s lots of trial and error. But after spending 6 years honing my dyeing skills, by this point I realized that I could usually get the color and texture I was looking for.)

The other big leap I took here was the quilting. I had spent years learning how to free motion quilt, and because I could fill a quilt with intricate designs, I thought that mean’t that I always HAD to. Which really got in the way for me creating for awhile…because that free motion quilting, on my wonderful Bernina, that doesn’t have a lot of room under the arm, is very time intensive! But at some point, I got over myself, and gave myself permission to choose a simple, organic line quilting pattern, and a quilt as you go type of construction, so I could make it!

So, this quilt has covered my bed for 5 years now, and has held up pretty well. I took these pictures two days ago, and if I do say so myself, I think that it looks mighty fine! Realizing that just because I could do fancy quilting but that I didn’t have to – this is simple to say, but it really was an amazing step for me. Most of the art I now make uses the quilting line as just that, a line. I love to dye fabrics with texture, and allow that to shine through. When I look back at this quilt, I realize that this was a big breakthrough for me!

And if you’re wondering about the leaves hanging the bed, I wrote a tutorial on how to make them, its over at Lillyella. Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to visiting lots of other quilts in this festival!

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