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September Meetup Goals

Seriously??? The summer is OVER??

You know, I’m not gonna say much about how the time has just flown by – it’s NO GOOD beating a dead horse! My best laid plans did not work out – instead I filmed 2 episodes of Quilting Arts TV and did some major home redecorating. Nothing at all to complain about!

And…my next “Ask Candy” post is up over at alamodeSTUFF! Between this new column and my monthly home dec tutorials over at Lillyella (did you see the bamboo flooring tute last Friday?) I’ve really been spreading my wings a bit – woot!

August Goals

Messenger bag article & step outs 8/20/10 100%
2 outfits for TV! YIKES! 8/20/10 100%
Re-tool Candied 8/31/10 80%
Messenger Bag Pattern 8/31/10 75%
Lesley Website 8/31/10 95%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 8/31/10 50%
Sacred Laughter Website 8/15/10 80%
Vicki Website: on hold ?? 0%
Dye scarves for fall shows 8/31/10 0%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 8/31/10 25%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 8/31/10 0%
Simply Beautiful Tote Pattern 8/31/10 0%
Tote of many pockets Pattern 8/31/10 0%

You know, Megan, over at Crafting an MBA, wrote a post today called “Pushing the Flywheel”, which is about building momentum for your business. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me! The publications and TV spots that have happened for me these past few months didn’t just appear out of nowhere, they’re the culmination of years of work coupled with a bit of moxie! When the articles come out and the TV show airs, I’m not gonna have instant crazy time sales. But slowly, I hope to have more people out there interested in my work and an increase in sales would be grand!

September Goals

Dye scarves for fall shows 9/30/10 0%
Dye New palettes for Mod Houses 9/30/10 25%
Make lots of Mod Houses! 9/30/10 0%
Turn Stepouts into bags! 9/30/10 0%
Re-tool Candied 9/30/10 80%
Messenger Bag Pattern 9/30/10 75%
Lesley Website 9/30/10 95%
Bizzi Lizzi Website 9/30/10 50%
Sacred Laughter Website 9/15/10 80%
Vicki Website: on hold ?? 0%
4-5 Simply Beautiful Totes 10/15/10 0%

Sorry this has all been a bit random tonight – I’ve been up since o’dark o’clock, and I’ve got to get me head together for tomorrow – it’s time for this bag to have it’s 5 minutes of fame!

Yes you CAN install bamboo/hardwood flooring

Hello All! First, I need to thank you all for the incredibly awesome energy you sent me in the comments yesterday….seriously, my heart is stronger because of them! I wanted to pop in and tell you that my next tutorial over at Lillyella’s is up: I detail how we install bamboo/hardwood floor. Go take a look, and… Continue Reading

One Moment: Getting Over Myself

This is my last post before I fly off to Cleveland to film 2 segments of Quilting Arts TV early next week. To say I’m nervous would be understating it. Now, I do something similar to this in my day job – I get up in front of a group of people and explain how to do… Continue Reading

Whoo Nellie it’s been HOT!

I have not been saying anything about how wonderful the weather has been here in Redlands this summer, for fear of jinxing it. I knew it wouldn’t last – today we had more “typical” summer weather…it got up to 116 in my back yard this afternoon. Seriously, it was crazy hot! We’ve got some brownish… Continue Reading

Gearing up for a Messenger Bag Pattern

Now that the TV version of the messenger bag is good to go, I’ve finally started on a full fledged pattern for my messenger bags. I’ve taken over 400 pictures while making this bag to use – I want this pattern to be chock full of useful pictures. Of course, I now have to sort through… Continue Reading

One Moment: Crying Uncle

The summer is racing to a close, and I’ve not done a lot of the stuff I set out to do. I should NOT complain too much, we’ve done some amazing home renovations, I’m got an amazing opportunity to share my work with a TV audience, there’s just so much to do! Today when I… Continue Reading

Ready for a Close Up!

This messenger will be getting up close and personal with the camera at Quilting Arts TV in just under 2 weeks! Of course, there are plenty of step outs who will do most of the work…and this guy slides in for the sweet shot at the end! The people who live behind us (if they look out of their… Continue Reading