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A Round Robin Baby Quilt Gift

I’ve always loved round robin quilts, quilts that spend a bit of time with different people, each person adding their own special twist to it. I have not had time to do one of these since starting my blogging adventures – until now!

One blog I’ve really enjoyed reading for awhile is “amylouwho“, the blog of Amy Webb, a gal who suffers from “obsessive creative disorder”, and home to “Sew & Tell“. Amy is married to a Marine, and has had to juggle having a baby with 2 other young kids and a cross country move. If that doesn’t call for a baby quilt, I don’t know what does! I put my head together with some other blogging buddies who also are fans of Amy’s blog and we came up with the idea of a round robin baby quilt, where we each add to the quilt a special technique. Big surprise, I dyed the fabric! 😉

I know from Amy’s blog that she and I have the same love of sagey green, light blue and brown, but I was worried that those colors alone would read a bit too boy (an ultrasound had revealed a girl). I had just done some “faux snow” dyeing and had a few pieces that looked a lot like little girl fabrics, so we all picked out my “wild rice” palette to go with “Amy green”, blue and brown. So I dyed up two shades of the blues and greens, “faux snow” dyed up a bunch of wild rice, and added some dark brown and the palette for the quilt was complete!

I packed up the fabric and sent it along to to Vicki, who designed the quilt. To see what happened next, click on the links below!

  1. Me
  2. Vicki
  3. Rita
  4. Amy Ellis
  5. Natalia
  6. Amy Webb

Amy got the quilt last Friday, and her sweet little Maggie is adorable with it!

EDIT: While I was writing up this post late last night/early this morning I realized again how awesome the community I’m able to create online is. How incredible it is that I can send off a pile of fabric to someone I’ve never met in person…and see a quilt made with those fabrics by a group of women sitting under a gorgeous baby!  I know this is my moment of the week!
om [one moment] meet up

alamodestuff Linda has started a weekly meetup based on taking a moment each week to really notice something as you go about your daily grind life. I need to do this. You may want to too – read more about it here:

Bamboo floors update #1

We’ve been chipping away at the redecorating of the boys bedroom & playroom I posted about here. Please note: I didn’t repaint these walls, I did this when we moved in over 6 years ago. (You can read a bit more about this and the quilts I designed for the boys here). By last Wednesday,… Continue Reading

Simple Changes, Amazing Results

I did some dyeing today with a couple of new gadgets, and I’m wondering – why the heck did it take me so long  make these out? 15$ worth of bed risers = dyeing tables at the right height 60$ worth of shade cloth (installed by the hubby, thanks honey!) = a much cooler patio,… Continue Reading

Bumbleberry Pie for Breakfast

The weekend was busy, the highpoint was picking up Liam from a week at sleepaway music camp on Sunday. It’s a vegetarian camp, so he had requested a special dinner for his first night back before he left last week: potato salad, STEAK and a good dessert. Andrew brought some blueberries and strawberries home from the… Continue Reading

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One Moment: My husband’s hands

I’ve posted previously about how I find the evidence of an artists’s hands in their work to be inspirational. I spent the lion’s share of yesterday writing a tutorial on how to make an ultimate storage cart (coming on Friday over at Lillyella). My twitter friends were regaled with quips about how much I loved looking at… Continue Reading

Maker’s Must: Libby Hampel

This week I’d love to show you some beautiful jewelry made by Libby Hampel. 1. Where are you located globally? Ann Arbor, MI 2. Where are you found online? 3. What is your favorite thing to make? Brooches 4. When you’re making it… a. what do you love most about it? I love when… Continue Reading

Installing Bamboo Floors, One Day and DONE!

After the declutter to end all declutters in the boys playroom and bedroom last week, we then ripped up the nasty carpet and padding on Friday. Although the walls of the boys bedroom were painted when we first moved in (see that story along with the Southwestern style quilts I made for their beds here)… Continue Reading