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December Goal Meetup

Well, time flies when you’re having fun – HAH! It’s just FLYING by and now…Christmas is looming! Here is my list that I updated 2 weeks ago…and guess what, nothing on it has changed…well, I did get 3 of the 5 giveaway prizes mailed today. I’ve got to get the half finished totes and outfits done by Friday, because my last show of the year is this weekend. I also did a lot of business stuff that wasn’t on the list, so I’ve added that to the bottom in green, just so I could scratch it off again!

Item Date Due % Done
List Botanical Sketches Series in Shop 10/30/09 100%
Custom 2T freshly picked baby outfit 11/5/09 100%
Custom Big/little sis freshly picked tees 11/5/09 100%
2-3 Cool Large Totes – hahaha! 11/15/09 0%
Simple Totes – hahaha 11/15/09 0%
10-15 Little Wallets 11/15/09 100%
10 Going Green Totes 11/15/09 50%
6 Freshly picked Outfits 11/15/09 50%
Order refill journals 11/5/09 0%
Photograph Scarves for website ?? 100%
Website?? This could happen! 100%
Order more Scarf Blanks 11/10/09 100%
Baby Quilts 11/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 11/15/09 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 11/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 11/30/09 0%
Giveaway: drawn & sent
11/30/09 100%
MailChimp List sorted out, 1st newsletter sent
11/30/09 100%
Studio cleaned and pictures taken
11/30/09 100%
New Ad designed, sent to 2 blogs 11/30/09 100%
Packaging Tutorial written 11/30/09 100%
Stephanie Levy Interview 11/30/09 10%
Studio pix processed
11/30/09 10%
Studio pix processed

I’m doing lots of networking right now – combine that with all thGit-er-done-boarde website tweaking I’m doing/thinking about doing, I haven’t had time to get my Google reader under control! Like, it’s been at over 1000 for … well since my website went live! I do have it divided into categories, so I’ve been keeping up with some folks, but some of the larger categories that include design blogs that post at a furiously fast rate, they’re just building up! Sigh. It just supports my justification of my NEED for a netbook for Christmas! That way I’ll be able to surf the web anywhere in the house, or someplace with wifi when I have a few minutes!

One wonderful thing about these posts is that they really have made me a list maker…in fact, I’ve now got a “Git ‘er Done” board in my studio, so I can keep careful watch on all the stuff I need to do. It also is a handy way to keep tracking codes of packages I send out so that I can follow up with an email after a few days (someting that gets kind of lost now..not that I have that many internet sales yet…I’m hoping that will change…someday…soon…) I THINK I’ve created a doable Christmas list of things I want to make this year…we’ll see how that goes, fingers crossed. But keeping it on the board allows me to not have it cluttering my brain, which is quite full at the moment, thank you!

Perched on my desk below the “Git ‘er Done” board are 3 scarves packaged up and ready for mailing. I’m really excited to 1) have thought of them in the 1st place and 2) actually posting a quick tutorial about them!

Some important Life goals this month are:

  1. finish the semester with flair
  2. Enjoy the holiday Season
  3. Pay attention to my family

And here are my December business goals

Item Date Due % Done
Little Wallet Tutorial 12/15/09 0%
10 Going Green Totes 12/04/09 50%
6 Freshly picked Outfits 12/04/09 50%
Custom Order Wisteria Cape 12/15/09 0%
Wisteria & Tiger Lily Scarves 12/4/09 0%
Backpack for Janet 12/18/09 0%
Messenger for Julie 12/20/09 0%
Baby Quilts 12/30/09 0%
Netbook size Messenger for ME! 12/24/09 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 12/30/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 11/30/09 0%
Stephanie Levy Interview 12/30/09 10%
Studio pix processed
11/30/09 10%
Xmas Presents made! 12/15/09 5%
Website tweaked, including buy me buttons 112/20/09 10%
Studio pix processed

Wish me LUCK!

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