Front-Page-worm-couponWelcome to Candied Fabrics!

This is the digital home of Candy Glendening, a textile artist who works exclusively with fabric she dyes herself.

Latest Art Created

FMMS Sketchbook | Autumn at Olive Ave


I’ve had fun showing you all my Free Motion Machine Sketched Sketchbooks with you, and I saved the best for last, Autumn at Olive Ave! It was designed to hold all the motifs I wanted to stitch on the DVD, so it needed to have at least 3 different birds, 3 different vessels and 3…

Most Recent Commission

A Custom Dyed Scarf for a Woman who likes Bright Colors!


I did get a bit of dyeing in last weekend. My customer chose colors from 3 of the palettes I dye: The light green and medium blue of Ocean Surf: Crocus Purple: And Gerber Daisy magenta: I was able to snap a few pictures before packing it up and shipping it out. (I wish I…