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This is the digital home of Candy Glendening, a textile artist who works exclusively with fabric she dyes herself.

Latest Art Created

New Mod House Pillows!


Here’s the TaDAH! moment from the pillows I showed you my process on yesterday. I love them!!! Now that there pillows, I don’t think the houses look like they’re floating in space and I’m really glad that I didn’t spend the extra time quilting pebbles along the bottom – they would be totally lost! But…

Most Recent Commission

Linen Sleeves for Some New Technology

Both hubby and Liam got new technology for Christmas, and my iPad mini sleeve is 2 years old, so I needed a new one too; so I made us all sleeves from linen dyed with my Autumn Splendor palette! This one is for Liam’s iPad: Hubby’s new laptop: And my iPad mini! I used motifs…